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Experience attracting an audience both organically and with paid social marketing. Attracted over 25,000 organic views to a Football Nation article in under 24 hours using StumbleUpon, which was more than five times the views any article had ever received over that time period. Also, have had a great deal of success using Reddit to attract an audience, creating attractive titles to posts to reach the Reddit front page, as well as having top posts on specific subreddits.


Founded and managed Football Prime for the NFL 2014 Season to learn all aspects that go into managing a website and attracting an audience.

This included:

  1. Designing the actual website, ensuring that it is both easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing
  2. Creating a brand identity for Football Prime, using Photoshop to create a consistent visual style for the website's images and social media channels
  3. Recruiting and managing a team of talented writers
  4. Editing articles submitted by the writers in addition to writing several articles per week
  5. Creating a Facebook page and Twitter account, increasing likes and followers with Facebook Ads and Twitter Advertising
  6. Monitoring site traffic with tools like Google Analytics
  7. Establishing affiliate relationships to increase revenue


Completed several production projects using Final Cut Pro X. For example, created martial arts promotional videos for a MMA studio in New York City and also held a temp position at Zodiac Productions.


Because everyone loves a good Top 10 list or hilarious story, started the website to feature my own content for everyone to enjoy!


At the Rita & Burton Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing (Tisch-NYU), courses included: Screenwriting, Playwriting, Writing the 1/2-Hour Comedy, Comic Book Writing, and Special Effects Make-Up; had the opportunity to study under some outstanding writers, such as Sabrina Dhawan (writer, Monsoon Wedding), Bryan Goluboff (writer, The Basketball Diaries, HBO's In Treatment), and esteemed playwright, Richard Wesley.


Convinced thousands of readers that I was actually the CEO of multi-million dollar companies, ghostwriting thought-leadership pieces to be featured in publications like with the purpose of making CEOs seem like experts in their fields.


Have had the opportunity to work with a number of startup companies and help them grow. For example, worked for three years with Football Nation, assisting in creating a brand identity for the company, as well as devising new methods to attract viewers, managing the company Facebook Page, and increasing website traffic with Facebook Ads. Also, secured the website's first ever interview with an NFL player after contacting players over Twitter.


Have written and edited marketing, training, and educational materials for clients in both the print and digital space. Past work includes writing real estate website content, patient education brochures, and nutrition articles. Additionally, experience managing content calendars and determining the best strategies to effectively position and market a client's brand.


After recognizing that infographics were highly sharable on social media and attracted a large number of views, came up with "NFL Super Charts" that combine NFL stats, images, Top 10 Lists, rankings, and predictions. The NFL Super Chart became a regular feature on the Football Nation website.

Creative Writing

Completed two feature length screenplays in the thriller genre, Tabula Rasa and Parlay, as well as a fantasy-adventure novel.


In December 2011, created The Jeff & The Bonch Show, a video series featuring expert football analysis that comes out weekly during the NFL season. To date, over 50 episodes have been produced.


Held an internship in the Editorial Department of DC Comics. Had the opportunity to complete writing projects, including working on a special edition Green Lantern issue, in addition to partaking in regular meetings with the rest of the editorial staff.


Find exciting football content at the website I created for the 2014 NFL Season, Football Prime. Also check out my blog, Jeffrey the Great.


Infographic Resume

Want to stand out from the crowd with an infographic resume? I can make one for you!

Here's an example of an infographic resume I made for myself.


Let's Talk About How I Can Help You

I Write Professional Branded Content.
I Develop Compelling Creative Content.
I Tell Stories That Get People Talking.
I Help Businesses Grow.



I have a passion for the entire creative process, from brainstorming innovative ideas to creating content that gets people talking, sharing, and tweeting to implementing all aspects of a plan. I have experience working as a writer, editor, content manager, and social media guru who can attract the audience you deserve! In addition, I am skilled at Photoshop and website creation and management.

I began to recognize my interest in the creative world at an early age when I started writing stories about my pet guinea pigs that involved them having super powers and fighting evil hamsters. These stories were a big hit with family members and friends. I kept writing throughout elementary school and middle school. In high school, I wrote my first novel, a thriller, and I used it to get into New York University’s Dramatic Writing program.

While at NYU, in addition to taking just about every writing course you can imagine, I had a great opportunity to further explore my creativity. I took film classes, special effects makeup classes (I can turn you into a zombie for Halloween), and learned Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. I even took an Indian dance class to learn something new and because I wanted to have special dance moves to impress the ladies.

Since graduating, I’ve worked as a writer, editor, and content manager. I have written business pieces for Forbes, sports articles, patient education brochures, cookbooks, math textbook problems, and much, much more. I’ve gotten to further explore other creative mediums too, such as developing videos for martial arts studios and working with production companies. I’m not just interested in writing, but in the entire creative process.

If you need a creative thinker, content creator, project manager, or someone who can help you develop an audience, contact me. Let's work together to accomplish your goals.